MT's Reply to Cable

[May 18?, 1885]

My Dear Cable --
  Your letter came yesterday evening, your telegram about noon. My dear boy, don't give yourself any discomfort about the slander of a professional newspaper liar--we cannot escape such things. I do assure you that this thing did not distress me, or even disturb the flow of my talk (got it at breakfast some days ago), for one single half of a half of a hundredth part of a second; in the same length of time it went out of my mind & was forgotten. To take notice of it in print is a thing which would never have occurred to me. Why, dear friend, flirt it out of your mind, straight off.
Your truly
S. L. Clemens

SOURCE: Guy A. Cardwell, Twins of Genius (East Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 1953).

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