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  • Sigmund Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams, arguing that dreams were really modes of wish fulfillment.   [Krista]

  • Divorce rates increase to one in twelve marriages because a number of state legislatures had expanded the grounds for divorce to include cruelty and desertion.   [Jessica]

  • JANUARY 1: By virtue of an act of Parliament passed in July 1900, the Commonwealth of Australia came into being. The Commonwealth was created by uniting six separate former British colonies. There was a population of 3,772,000 (not including Aborigines).   [Carla]

  • MARCH 4: Congressman George H. White gave up his seat, becoming the last African-American to serve in Congress for another 28 years.   [Sergio]

  • J.P. Morgan and Elbert H. Gary buy out Andrew Carnegie's steel company and combine it with their holdings in the Federal Steel Company to form U.S. Steel Corporation.   [Chip]

  • The one millionth phone was installed by the Bell Network in the United States.   [Matt]

  • President McKinley shot on September 6th in Buffalo, NY, by anarchist Leon Czolgosz. He died on September 14th.   [Greg]

  • OCTOBER 16: After an afternoon meeting, President Theodore Roosevelt informally invited Booker T. Washington to remain and eat dinner with him, making Washington the first black American to dine at the White House with the president. A furor arose over the social implications of Roosevelt's casual act.   [Eve]

  • DECEMBER 12: Guglielmo Marconi receives the first radio signal transmitted across the Atlantic -- the letter "S" in morse code.   [Chip]

  • 1902
  • According to 1900 census, one out of every five Americans lives in an urban center with 100,000 or more residents. In 1902 record numbers of immigrants flow into the U.S, most from Italy, Austro-Hungary and Russia.   [Josh]

  • The Carnegie Institute is founded in Washington DC with a gift of $10 million from Andrew Carnegie.   [Kerry]

  • Willis Carrier designs an air-conditioning system.   [Kerry]

  • 92% of all cocaine sold in U.S. cities in this year is in the form of an ingredient in tonics and potions available from local pharmacies.   [Pam].

  • Other books published this year include Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, Henry James' The Wings of the Dove and Jack London's The Iron Heel.   [Sidney]

  • The federal government begins to file anti-trust suits to break up monopolies, beginning with the railroad holding company North Securities and the beef trust in Chicago.   [Sidney]

  • MAY 20: U.S. grants Cuba independence; Thomas Estrada Palma sworn in as president.   [Katie P.]

  • The 20th Century Limited sets a record by traveling the rails from New York to Chicago in 20 hours.   [Josh]

  • The fossils of a Tyrannosaurus rex are discovered by Barnum Brown in Hell Creek, Montana   [Katie F.]

  • John Steinbeck was born.   [Terry]

  • Newlands Reclamation Act authorizes the building of irrigation dams across the west.   [Aisha]

  • The first movie theater in the United States, "Electric Theater", opened in Los Angeles, California.   [Kristen]

  • DECEMBER 28: The first indoor professional football game is played in New York City's Madison Square Garden.   [Pam]

  • 1903
  • Ford Motor Company becomes officially incorporated.   [Kerry]

  • JULY 2: Treaty between U.S. and Cuba allows for establishment of U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay.   [Katie P.]

  • NOVEMBER 18: The U.S. and the Republic of Panama sign a treaty enabling the U.S. to build and operate a canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.   [Eve]

  • DECEMBER 17: First successful flight in heavier-than-air mechanically propelled airplane by Orville Wright on December 17th, near Kitty Hawk, NC.   [Greg].

  • An 11-minute Edison film, The Great Train Robbery, is shown in theaters.   [Aisha]