Interior of "Stormfield"

pictures courtesy of Mark Twain

"We spend our days in the loggia, which opens out from the living room & has 8 tall arches & they frame the
scenery & make 8 pictures of it. It is tilepaved, & the fishes
[Clemens's "angelfish"--young girls whom he took as
companions, sort of adopted granddaughters, in his later years]
play diablo & other violent games in it. I think
I will call it the Fish-Market, for I built it for the fishes. The billiard room is Aquarium headquarters, the angel-fishes
are in command there. Their framed photographs hang on the walls."
letter to Margaret Blackmer, 7.7.1908, Redding,
CT, as quoted in
Mark Twain's Angelfish

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