Interior of "Villa Viviani"

pictures courtesy of Villa Viviani

"The ceilings are frescoed, the walls are papered. All the floors are of red brick covered with a coating of polished and
cement which is as hard as stone and looks like it; for the surfaces have been painted in patterns, first in solid
colors and then
snowed over with varicolored freckles of paint to imitate granite and other stones...There are plenty of
windows and worlds of
sun and light...The curious feature of the house is the salon. This is a spacious and lofty vacuum
which occupies the center of the
house...Over the six doors are huge plaster medallions which are supported by great
naked and handsome plaster boys and in
these medallions are plaster portraits in high relief of some grave and beautiful
men...These are all Cerretanis--or Cerretani-Twains,
as I may say, for I have adopted myself into their family on account of
its antiquity, my origin having been heretofore too recent to
suit me...This villa has a roomy look, a spacious look; and when
the sunshine is pouring in and lighting up the bright colors of the
shiny floors and walls and ceilings there is a large and
friendly suggestion of welcome about the aspects." Autobiograpy
, 346-347

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