Star Trek: The Next Generation

Time's Arrow, Episodes 1 & 2

Plot Synopsis



Episode I: The Enterprise is recalled to Earth, where Data's head has been discovered in a cavern near San Francisco, which no one has entered for more than four hundred years. Findings in the caverns lead the ship to Devidia II, where Data enters another dimension and then follows two individuals into late nineteenth century San Francisco, where he meets up with a much younger Guinan and Samuel Clemens.

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Episode II: Picard, Riker, La Forge, Troi and Crusher follow Data in to the 1890s, where they find that the Devidians are feeding on human neural energy, but everyone blames their deaths on a cholera plague. When Data accidentally reopens the gateway, his head is blown off, while his body is sent back to the future along with Riker, La Forge, Troi, Crusher and Samuel Clemens.  Picard gets trapped in the past, where he helps to nurse a wounded Guinan.