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This interpretive archive, drawn largely from the resources of the Barrett Collection, focuses on how "Mark Twain" and his works were created and defined, marketed and performed, reviewed and appreciated. The goal is to allow readers, scholars, students and teachers to see what Mark Twain and His Times said about each other, in a way that can speak to us today. Contained here are dozens of texts and manuscripts, scores of contemporary reviews and articles, hundreds of images, and many different kinds of interactive exhibits. For a quick overview, you can go to "Sample This Site." If you'd like help navigating the site, start with "Piloting Lessons" in "About This Site."


If you're looking for more about Mark Twain, my Short Introduction to Mark Twain is now available. You can read more about it, and if you're young or old, rich or poor, you can also order it at BLACKWELL'S WEBSITE

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