[from Alta Letter 4]
    Tangier, Africa, July 1st, 1867.


I have caught a glimpse of the faces of several Moorish women (for they are only human, and will expose their faces for the admiration of a Christian dog when no he-Moor is by,) and I am full of veneration for the wisdom that leads them to cover up such atrocious ugliness. If I had a wife as ugly as some of those I have seen, I would go over her face with a nail-grab and see if I couldn't improve it.

They carry their children at their backs, in a sack, like other savages the world over.

Many of the negroes are held in slavery by the Moors. But the moment a female slave becomes her master's concubine her bonds are broken, and as soon as a male slave can read the first chapter of the Koran (which contains the creed) he can no longer be held in bondage. It would be a good idea to apply this educational test to his race in America.

[Daily Alta California, 1 September 1867]

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