Massachusetts Ploughman and New England Journal of Agriculture [unsigned]
1869: October 30

The Innocents Abroad, or The New Pilgrim's Progress, is the title of a book just issued by the American Publishing Company, Hartford. It is written by "Mark Twain," the nom de plume of Mr. Samuel M. [sic] Clemens, who was one of the pleasure excursion party who went from New York to Europe and Palestine, in the steamer Quaker City, in 1867. He gives in a most humorous, racy, and vividly descriptive style, the narrative of the excursion, accounts of the countries, and natives, and incidents, and adventures as they appeared to the author. He traveled in France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Asia Minor and Egypt, and the pictures of his adventures are full of the broadest, kindliest humor, and illustrated with drawings of his own, which are by no means the least funny part of the book. It gives a living description of a wide range of life and humanity, and the characteristic wit and humor of the author displayed in this volume, have never been surpassed in any of his former works. It contains over 600 pages, and 234 spirited and well executed illustrations. It is sold by subscription only, and the publishers wish for agents and canvassers all over the country, to whom they offer a renumerative occupation. Applications should be made to the publishers as above.

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