Saturday Evening Post [unsigned]
1869: August 21

THE INNOCENTS ABROAD; OR, THE NEW PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. By MARK TWAIN (SAMUEL L. CLEMENS.) This is an amusing account of the Steamship Quaker City's Pleasure Excursion to Europe and the Holy Land; with descriptions of countries, nations, incidents and adventures, as they appeared to that comic genius, Mark Twain. It is embellished with 234 Illustrations. While the prevailing tone of the book is humorous, there is a great deal of interesting information contained in its pages. It is a capital work for summer reading. Published by the American Publishing Company, Hartford, Conn., and sold by Agents. Those desiring copies, should write to the publishers, and an agent will call on them.

Saturday Evening Post
1870: January 29

THE INNOCENTS ABROAD. The publishers inform us that "45,000 copies of Mark Twain's recent book have been printed, and that six presses are running constantly upon it." We are glad to hear it. It is a capital book.

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