Fetching 'Em in San Francisco

The San Francisco Daily Alta Californian
1868: 3 April

ARRIVALS.--Among the large number of passengers who arrived on the Sacramento, yesterday, were General Edward McCook, the American Minister to the Hawaiian Kingdom; J. W. Torrey, the famous American Rajah of Borneo; "Mark Twain," the genial and jolly humorist; (who proposes to lecture in a few days,) and a number of old Californians who have been sojourning in the Atlantic States and Europe. . . .

The San Francisco Daily Alta Californian
1868: 13 April

"MARK TWAIN."--In the "sermon" to be preached to-morrow night, at Platt's Hall, "Mark Twain" promised to tell about his "notorious voyage to Europe, Palestine, etc.," which will be immensely entertaining, as all readers of his letters to the ALTA can certify, but there are some who know of the troubles of his uncle when he went to St. Thomas, about the time of the earthquake, who would like to be informed whether he finally got to the "quiet place" he was in quest of. If within the scope of his lecture, "Mark" might give this little piece of information to quiet the minds of his friends.

The San Francisco Daily Alta Californian
1868: 14 April

"MARK TWAIN'S" LECTURE, TO-NIGHT.--At Platt's Hall, this evening, the California humorist, "Mark Twain," "Holy Land Excursionist," etc., will open his budget of personal experience in the countries through which he has travelled, and which he was seen with practical eyes, though his information has always been given in a humorous half-exaggerated vein. If he tells on the platform one-half the personal incidents he relates in conversation the audience will have a rare treat: his repartee on Captain Duncan, of the Quaker City, is very comical. Judging from the rush for seats, the Hall will be full long before the hour advertised for "the insurrection" to commence.