Second Western Lecture Tour


Apr. 14  San Francisco
Apr. 15  San Francisco
Apr. 17  Sacramento
Apr. 18  Marysville
Apr. 20  Nevada City
Apr. 21  Grass Valley
Apr. 27  Virginia City
Apr. 28  Virginia City
Apr. 29  Carson City
Apr. 30  Carson City
July 2   San Francisco

The schedule left is designed to allow you to join the tour in two different ways. When a date on the list appears as an active link, clicking on it will take you to an excerpt from a letter by MT about that performance. Whenever a city name appears as an active link, it will take you to a local review of that performance.

MT designed the tour as a return to the most profitable of the 16 cities and towns he'd lectured in during the fall, 1866. It seems to have been arranged pretty much on the spot. He rescheduled his first Virginia City appearance, "in order [as a local paper put it] not to come too close upon the very solemn performance of this afternoon" -- the public hanging of a murderer. He added lectures in San Francisco and Virginia when ticket buyers were turned away on the first night's show in each town. And he went back on stage in Carson City to give "Our Fellow Savages of the Sandwich Islands," the lecture he'd toured with two years earlier, by popular request.