Great Falls (Montana) Daily Tribune

1895: August 1

Delighted a Large Audience Last Night at the Opera House.

The inimitable Mark Twain, who has chased away somber thoughts and straightened out the creases in millions of brows by his quaint humor, visited Great Falls for the first time yesterday. He was accompanied by his wife and daughter and Maj. Pond, who is so well known as the veteran lecture bureau man. Mrs. Pond also accompanies the party, who are bent on making a trip around the world.

The lecture last night was attended by the best people in the city and thoroughly enjoyed by them. It was largely made up from selections from his works. The quaintness and originality of the man and his manner gave an added charm to the stories. The finale of the lecture was a ghost story, which ended with a surprise to the audience, and illustrated as well perhaps as anything the peculiar humor of the man.

After the lecture Mr. Clemens (Mark Twain) and Maj. Pond were the guests of the Electric club, and it is unnecessary to say that they had a jolly good time.