Crookston (Minnesota) Daily Times

1895: July 30

Heard America's Prince of Humorists and Entertains Last Night.

The opera house, last night, held one of the larget and most appreciative audiences in its history, the occasion being the appearance of the greatest of American humorists, Mark Twain. Mr. Clemens spoke for fully an hour and a half, and the close attention he received must have been very gratifying. Of course there were a few who had gone with the idea of hearing something on the negro minstrel order and these were disappointed. Mr. Clemens' selections were all taken from his books and while humorous, each contained some deep thoughts, which hidden perhaps at first reveal themselves in later examination, and furnished food for thought.

The sketches from Adam's Diary, which Mr. Clemens presented for the first time last evening, showed probably more originality than any of the other selections, while his "Watermelon" story was probably the most humorous, and the "Ghost Story" brought out his wonderful ability as a story teller, to the best advantage.

On the whole the entertainment was very enjoyable, and no one who is at all acquainted with Mr. Clemens' works will regret having heard him.