I think't if a feller he'ps another feller when he's in trouble, and don't cuss, and don't do no mean things, nur noth'n he ain' no business to do, and don't spell the Saviour's name with a little g, he ain' runnin' no resks, -- he's about as saift as if he b'longed to a church."

- Huck Finn

Here Huck prescribes a way of life which allows a "feller" to purchase some insurance against the wrath of the Christian God. But if avoiding "cuss" words, "mean things", and spelling mistakes can appease the Christian deity, it is far from adequate protection in the world of ghosts, witches, and spirits. In this world, the world in which Huck lives and feels he belongs, the things that a body "ain' no business to do" is a dark and infinite universe.

The religion that Jim and Huck share functions as a roadmap in their navigation through the world in which they live. The more signs you recognize and follow, the better your chances of avoiding mishap.

Their beliefs fall loosely into the categories below. Those listed are taken from the folklore volumes listed on the list of sources. I have tried to restrict this collection to those beliefs which pertain directly to Huck Finn --- it wasn't easy, they're all so fascinating.