From The (Sacramento) Daily Union
16 April 1868

KUKLUX KLAN.--CALIFORNIA BRANCH.--The executive branch of the Democratic organization has opened the campaign in good earnest in the county of Nevada. The local papers of Grass Valley chronicle two or three active raids of the Klan upon "Chinese ranches" within the last seven days. In one of these three of the "almond-eyed" were beaten and robbed. In another, "the robbers hung four of the Chinamen to make them produce their money," one of whom was so nearly murdered that "the blood was forced from his nostrils and ears." The Klan were rewarded by $30 in coin and dust. The local paper remarks that the parties to this robbery are known by the officers, and that they had better go to Sweetwater. They are no doubt all known to the Chinese, but that avails nothing, because the Legislature refused to recognize the Chinese as human, and these robbers are merely part of the Executive Committee which that sort of Democratic legislation authorized. The late Assembly has reason to congratulate itself upon the promptness of the Executive Committee of the party in reaping the fruits of its theory. They are worthy coadjutors. The Assembly prepares the feast and the Klan eats it. The Governor dines with the Chinese Embassadors.

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