Harper's Weekly Magazine
15 April 1866


Mr. M`Cormick, member of Congress from Arizona, has just introduced a bill restricting the killing of the buffalo, which provides that, excepting for the purpose of using the meat for food or preserving the skin, it shall be unlawful to kill any bison or buffalo found any where on the public lands of the United States, the offender, upon conviction, being subject to a fine of one hundred dollars for each animal killed, one-half of the sum to be paid, on its collection, to the informer. Whether this measure will receive the approval of Congress and become a law is uncertain, although of the importance of some such provision there can be no question. The difficulty will be to secure its enforcement, as the extermination of these animals, which is now impending, is brought about by parties who, at a distance from any control, are a law unto themselves, and who are not likely to be influenced by any enactments that do not involve the means of execution.