Textualizing the Mormons, 1857 - 1873

1820's: in upstate New York Joseph Smith claims, through a series of visions, to have been guided to The Book of Mormon, a record of the ancient inhabitants of America
1830: Smith and others found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
1830's & 40's: members of the sect try to settle in Missouri and then Illinois, but are driven out (and Smith is killed) by other inhabitants
1847: Brigham Young leads the Mormons to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake
1850: Utah organized as a territory, with Young appointed first Governor
1857: Mountain Meadows Massacre of about 100 pioneers passing through Utah
1860: Census puts population of Utah Territory at 40,273
1862: U.S. Congress passes a law prohibiting polygamy
1870: Census puts population of Utah Territory at 86,786


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