MT Letter to James Redpath
Elmira, 20 April 1872

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Elmira, Apl. 20.
Dear Red --
    Warrington's article was delicious. I want to go for Timothy one of these days -- & shall.

    Our tribe are flourishing -- the new cub most of all. I was very sorry to hear such sad news of Fall's family, & sincerely hope the calamity will proceed no farther.

    I hope to see you all when I come up to the Jubilee. -- [PAGE 2] a little solo in hopes of getting a chance to sing there.

    Could you jam this item into the Advertiser? I hate to see our fine success wholly uncelebrated:
    Mark Twain's new book, "Roughing It" has sold 43,000 copies in two months & a half. Only 17,000 copies of "The Innocents Abroad" were sold in the first two & a half months.
    I order a copy to be sent to you a couple of weeks ago. If it has been delayed, let me know.

            Yrs Ever, Mark