AP Story, 21 April 1910

Redding, April 20 -- In a statement given out tonight by Dr. Robert Halsey, the attending physician, Samuel L. Clemens, who is ill at his home, Stormfield, is weaker than he was when the afternoon bulletin was issued. Tonight's statement was as follows:

"Mr. Clemens is weaker tonight than he was at the last statement, but he is resting perfectly quietly."

In the afternoon he was perceptibly weaker than twenty-four hours previous. As to his present condition Dr. Halsey said that Mr. Clemens has cardiac asthma with angina pectoris.

According to information late tonight it seems evident that Mr. Clemens is slowly but surely approaching the end. The physicians and family do not anticipate any change for the worse during the night.

Dr. Edward Quintard of New York came to Stormfield late today and after spending some time with Mr. Clemens returned. He would make no statement regarding the condition of the patient.

Mr. Clemens has an occasional difficulty with his breathing, accompanied by severe pain, but between these spells he sleeps considerably and rests well.

It has been learned within a day or two at Redding that through his personal check Mr. Clemens has made a gift of $6,000 to the Redding Public Library. This library is one of Mr. Clemens' pet schemes. It was founded by him a little over a year ago and is located at the present time in an old schoolhouse not far from his home. He gave a number of books and a few of his author friends made gifts to the library. He handed his check, personally, to Albert Bigelow Paine, one of the Redding literary colony, who is one of the trustees of the library. Harry Lounsbury and William E. Hazen are the other trustees.

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