MT as SL Clemens

"SL. Clemens," or "S.L. Clemens," is probably the way MT most often signed himself, though I don't think anyone else called him that. This is a letter to Bliss, dated 7 July 1873, covering the manuscript of "The Jumping Frog, in English, then in French, then Clawed Back into English," and suggesting Bliss use the piece as the basis for a new, inexpensive pamphlet edition of previously published sketches. MT began writing to Bliss in 1867. At first he was "Sam. L. Clemens" at the end of the letters, then he became "Mark," "Mark Twain" and "Saml. L. Clemens." By August, 1869, he was also signing as "Clemens," which was probably the most common way he identified himself to Bliss from that point on.