Daily Journal,
Logansport, Indiana
Friday, March 3, 1899

"Pudd'nhead Wilson."

One of the best audiences of the season saw Edwin Mayo in "Pudd'nhead Wilson" last night and were apparently more than pleased with the play. Mr. Mayo is well known to local theatregoers and nothing need be said of his ability as an actor, and his support is equally good. Although there has been some change in the cast it is every bit as good as it was last year. The two principal characters, outside of "Pudd'nhead Wilson" are that of "Roxy" and "Tom Driscoll." These two parts are especially trying ones, but as long as they are in the hands of Miss Ada Dwyer and Frank Campeau the success of the play as far as they are concerned is assured. Miss D. Delaro as Patsy Mason and Miss Mairbel Seymour as Rowey [sic] and Ralph Dean as Chambers are new members of the cast, but they established themselves in high esteem with the audience from the first. W. R. McKey as Blake, county sheriff, was just as funny as ever and kept the audience amused by his method of calling the court to order. The jury was most realistic and did its part to perfection making it a typical jury from a country town.

The Dramatic Mirror,
New York, New York
March 18, 1899

LOGANSPORT.--DOLAN'S THEATRE (William Dolan, manager): Edwin Mayo and an excellent co. presented Pudd'nhead Wilson 2 to a large and delighted audience.