The New York Times,
Sunday, April 14, 1895


At the Herald Square Theatre on Tuesday evening a dramatic version of Mark Twain's "Pudd'nhead Wilson" will be produced for the first time in the city. The dramatization is the work of Frank Mayo, who will appear in the title role. The story of the book has been followed very closely in the play, but as the novel lacks a love story, without which no drama is complete, Mr. Mayo has supplied this deficiency by introducing a sentimental element. The play, which is described as melodrama, is in four acts and a prologue, and Manager Evans has staged it in an elaborate manner. The cast will include besides Mr. Mayo, E.J. Henley, Edgar A. Davenport, Harry Davenport, Joseph Whiting, Ignacio Martinetti, Adolph Klauber, Odell Williams, John E. Ince, Herbert Milward, William Gill, Mary Shaw, Frances Graham, Lucille La Verne, and Emma Brennan.