Essay on Reading

    What role does reading novels play in your life?

  • Joshua Bradley

  • Kristen Buergert

  • Eve Cockrill

  • Aisha Dharamsi

  • Greg Dolinsky

  • Terry Donohue

  • Katie Flood

  • Pam Galloway

  • Sidney Heyward

  • Carla Insley

  • Jessica Kim

  • Chip Knighton

  • A Wahoo

  • Lauren MacIvor

  • Kerry McNabb

  • Katie Peltier

  • Krista Peters

  • Sergio Romano

  • Sean Thomason

  •     I want you to write a brief (about 600-words) essay on that as a way into the questions we'll try to answer this semester. I'd like you to think about and then describe what kind of novels you like to read for your own pleasure (i.e. not the books you're assigned by teachers, but the ones you pick up on your own), when (during the day or during the year) and where (in bed, on the beach, in airplanes, &c) you tend to read novels for pleasure, whether your reading habits have changed over your lifetime, how you pick the next novel you want to read (the cover? friends' favorites? best-seller lists? reviews? by genre? or author's name? &c), and if possible why you think you read what and when and where you do. You don't have to write about all these questions, but think about them all before you start writing and then do write about whatever aspect of your own reading habits interests you most.

        I won't put a grade on this assignment, and I want you to write it for the whole class. For that reason, you'll submit it to me electronically, by e-mail, tagged so that I can publish it in our website for the rest of the class to share. You should write the essay first, then follow the instructions for tagging and submitting it you'll find in THIS TEMPLATE. I need to receive them by 8 p.m. Sunday, January 19, so I can have them online by Monday's class.

        Please don't think there are right or wrong ways or novels to read. Write about the ways you do read. Thanks.