By Kerry McNabb

Reading is, to me, a completely engrossing activity in general. I tend to be an intense reader, becoming completely engulfed by a book. I prefer to read a book all at once in its entirety, regardless of length. Because I love to take in a book all at once, I tend to be completely immersed, and completely oblivious to anything else. While Im in the middle of the book the whole my attention is spent on that work. I tend to be an impatient reader and it rarely takes me more than a day to finish any book. Only after the fact can I savor the writing, the story, or the characters, so it often ends that I re-read a book or parts of a book countless times. Depending on my mood, I find a familiar book just as (if not more) enjoyable than a new one.
I also tend to read books in groups or sets, by author, or genre. If Ive at all enjoyed an author I tend to have read all of his/her works and often all in a row. Or, Ill become interested in a certain genre or type of book and for a while all my selections will fall into that category.
Because of the way I like to read my books I tend to do my major pleasure reading on vacations, whether sitting on the dock in New Hampshire, or on the beach at Nantucket, or curled up in a large chair. I go on vacation prepared to read a lot, and I look forward to being able to indulge myself. Still, during the year, I read whenever I have a spare moment. There are certain times when I just crave a book - and though sometimes this can be distracting - often it provides just the break I needed.
Although I love variety and will really read anything, I do have my guilty passions - I adore mysteries, science fiction/fantasy, and childrens literature. Mysteries I have loved since childhood and Nancy Drew. I read them in mass quantity. Science fiction and fantasies I probably got initially from my father, and I still look to him for suggestions. I have always had a soft spot for Childrens lit. and I dont think having younger siblings is the cause of it (as I am far more likely to read anything than they are.) But my pleasure reading is by no means relegated to these categories and I will read anything that strikes my fancy or that has been recommended to me.
When Im choosing a book I really look for anything that catches my eye, whether it is a familiar title (from a recommendation) or a familiar author, or an interesting first page. I often go shopping in my parents bookshelves - they have a large selection and tremendous variety. (I come from a family of voracious readers.) But I can, and do, spend hours in the bookstore. Because I like to re-read my books I like to own them, rather than borrow them from the library.
I really cannot remember not liking, not wanting to read. I have always enjoyed reading as long as I can remember and my habits regarding my books have remained fairly constant. I have always read a fair amount, always read my books whole (all at once), and focused in on certain types of books. Today perhaps, I read with a bit more variety, but little else has changed. Certainly my love of books and m love of reading has remained constant.