The Northeast Missourian
Volume 1, Number 1 (January 1926)

Becky Thatcher Only Living Character
of Mark Twain to Broadcast
Hannibal Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet to Be
Broadcast by WOS. Prizes to be Given.
By H. A. SCHEIDKER, Secretary, Hannibal Chamber of Commerce.

    Tune in Radio Station WOS, the State Marketing Bureau at Jefferson City, on the evening of January 28th, a program will be broadcast by remote control, telling the world about Northeast Missouri by The Hannibal Chamber of Commerce.

    Last year a similar program was broadcast through the same plan and response cards, letters, telegrams and phone calls came from every nook and corner of the United States and Canada. More than 4,000 radio fans acknowledged the reception of the program. The Hannibal Chamber of Commerce has again laid greater plans for their broadcast this year which is the occasion of the organization's Seventeenth Annual Banquet. Efforts are being made to re-broadcast

through WOS to a large eastern station, which will send the story of Hannibal to all parts of the world.

    An interesting feature on the program that all Northeast Missourians will want to hear is the voice of the only living character of Mark Twain's stories. Mrs. Laura Frazier, the original Becky Thatcher, will tell you about Tom Sawyer and his gang, as she knew them.

    The program will be of a Mark Twain nature. We are informed that an appropriate souvenir will be sent to the first thousand acknowledgments. Copies of Mark Twain's books will be given as special prizes, so get the old set in good shape, you'll never regret the time you spend listening to what Hannibal and her famous characters have to say on the evening of Thursday, January 28th.

    There will be music, speaking by a personage of national prominence.

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