Fetching 'Em in Dayton

The Dayton (Ohio) Daily Democrat
1884: December 30

The Scattering of Mark Twain's Friends.

As this noted humorist is to lecture in this city to-night, the following, from the Utica Observer, may serve as a good notice:

Mark Twain ascended the crowded platform in Buffalo, and standing before a crowded audience, said: "Let me introduce a man whom you regard--whom I regard--as the greatest living modern writer of ancient fiction; a man in whom all genius, all honor, all integrity, all virtue--and all vice--combine to make the perfect man. I forgot; his name is Geo. W. Cable." Mr. Cable read a selection from "Dr. Sevier," and then proceeded to introduce Mark Twain, who referred to his former residence in Buffalo as follows: "Many changes have taken place since I was a citizen of Buffalo. I miss--and we all miss--many friends. Some have gone to the tomb--some to the gallows--and some to the White House. Let us so live that, in the uncertainty which attends this life, we may be prepared for all three of these fates."

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