The New England Farmer, and Horticultural Register [unsigned]
1869: October 16

This is the renowned Mark's account of the Steamship Quaker City's pleasure excursion to Europe and the Holy Land, with descriptions of countries, incidents, and adventures, as they appeared to the author, portrayed in his own inimitable style of humor. He pricks a great many gassy tales of travelers, and tells the stories in his own way, which, whether relating grave statements of fact, or telling stories of adventure, is almost equally provocative of mirth. Mr. Clemens is, in many respects, the best of our present humorists. The volume under notice is a large one, beautifully printed, and copiously illustrated with engravings, many of them with a very amusing style. The New York Times says, "It is altogether a very taking book; and a great many persons who would not care to read the graver accounts of travel through these world-renowned places, will find themselves much interested in Mark Twain's humorous way of getting over the same ground."

The work will be sold by subscription only, and canvassers for it are wanted in every town. This presents an opportunity for those who need employment, to enter into a light and agreeable occupation, that must be renumerative. Applications to be made to the American News Company, Hartford, Conn.

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