Between 1866 and 1895 MT gave over 200 lecture performances in the United States and Canada, most on eight different tours. The maps in this section will enable you to see where he went, and in many places to get an idea of how his performance was received in the cities and towns he spoke to. When you click on the buttons at left, you'll see the approximate area of one tour laid out on a map of the United States. Clicking on that map will take you to another, showing all the stops on that lecture tour. Whenever a place name is underlined on these maps, you can click on it to read at least one review from a local paper.

MT performed live in 23 states. It's also interesting to see where he didn't go, what areas of the country he never lectured in. Two final maps allow you to see that part of the story.
STATES identifies the states he did and didn't visit. TOURS tries, by plotting all the tours on top of the same map of North America, to indicate graphically how often he lectured in the different regions of the country.

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