Encounters With Interviewers

By 1895 MT had attained such celebrity status that he himself was "news." In addition to notices and reviews of his performances, local reporters along the tour route regularly interviewed him (the group below left, interviewing MT in bed, wrote for Vancouver papers). In these interviews MT discusses a range of issues, from his last tour with Cable to his debts to the inspiration for Huck and Tom to Joan of Arc, which was appearing anonymously in Harper's at this time. The Oregonian piece is listed first below because, according to Major Pond, MT called it the best interview any reporter had ever done with him.

Photograph by Major Pond.
"Mark Twain Talks"
The (Portland) Oregonian 9 August 1895

"Something Concerning the Great Humorist"
The (Petoskey) Daily Resorter 21 July 1895

"Mark Twain Arrives in Spokane"
The (Spokane) Spokesman-Review, 7 August 1895

"Twain Brands a Fake"
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 14 August 1895

"A Pleasant Afternoon"
The Tacoma Daily News 17 August 1895