" P U D D ' N H E A D    W I L S O N "


Brown cloth and green mats. Rustic table and two chairs R.
Bench L Salver sangaree and 2 glasses. Napkins on salver ready R. F. for Roxy. Running water in trough, L.U.E. Small satchel with shoulder strap and small box, eight inches long and four inches wide, opening at top. 6 narrow strips of glass with white paper rim on lower edge on box. Box to go in satchel. Pencil in satchel for Wilson. Collar necklace on baby and carriage – carriage to unclasp. Carriage (old fashioned) with two large well dressed children in it (dummies), but life size, appearing about four months old.
Church bells ring R.U.E. distant.
Green cloth and grass mats. Bench L. pan with vegetables and knife for Hannah. Notebook and pencil for Howard. Grip – old fashioned for Tom. R.U.E. 2 grips for Luiji and Angelo R.U.E. Steamboat whistle distant and near, R.U.E. Document for Tom R.2.E. 2 canes (light) for Luiji and Angelo R.U.E.
Scene 1. Carpet down all through play. Covered basket for Chambers R.U.E. 5 blocks of wood, 4 inches square for Patsy R.U.E. Large table L.C. 6 chairs plain. 1 large chair. Sofa at back under window, large old style desk with lot of papers, documents, etc. R.2.E. Chair at desk, large old-fashioned square clock over desk. Washstand, pitcher, bowl, comb and brush and towel above desk R. Shelves with plenty of law books, reports, etc. on R. and L. of window C. Large cabinet, a great number of small pigeon holes (painted) with 6 practical ones in upper side near top. Stripes of glass same as used in prologue in these holes; two pencils on table, quills and ink on desk. A pantograph instrument stand L. Old fashioned lamp, (not lighted) on table. Lots of books and documents on table, small easel on table with 6 strips of glass on easel. Large hand magnifying glass on table. A few cheap engravings on walls. 2 tracings, large of thumb marks hang at L.1.E. All showing a village law office.

Scene 2. Covered basket, (large) for Chambers, L.1.E. Cane for Tom (light) L.1.E.)
Set same as Act II. Scene 1. in all particulars. Square printed hand bill for Wilson R.U.E. Written letter for Driscoll, R.U.E.
ACT IV: Lawyer's office, same as before with 6 additional large pantograph copies of thumb marks on table and on walls. The jewel knife on table without the sheath – the lamp is lighted on table. Law books on table. Coffee cup and rolls with light lunch for Roxy, L.3.E. to bring on salver. The yellow dress rolled up in bundles for Tom, R.U.E. 2 Law books for Howard R.U.E. Cane for Judge Robinson. Small mirror on table. 4 chairs ready off L.2.E. to be brought on.

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