Buffalo, New York

"And yet those far-away homes looked so seductive, they were so remote from the troubled
world, they dozed in such an atmosphere of peace and dreams." Mark Twain, A Tramp Abroad

472 Delaware Avenue

picture courtesy of Mark Twain

"...our home--which is the daintiest, & the most exquisite & enchanting that can be found in all America--&
the longer we know it the more fascinating it grows & the firmer the hold it fastens upon each fettered sense.
It is perfect. Perfect in all its dimentions, proportions & appointments. It is filled with that nameless grace which
faultless harmony gives. The colors are all rich, & all beautiful, & all blended & interchanged & interwoven without
a single marring discord. Our home is a ceaseless, unsurfeiting feast for the eye & the soul, & the whole being. It is a
constant delight. It is a poem, it is music--& it speaks & it sings to us all the day long." letter to Olivia Lewis Langdon,
2.20.1870, Buffalo, NY, as quoted in Mark Twain's Letters, Vol. 4

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