Hartford, Connecticut

"To us our house was not unsentient matter--it had a heart & a soul & eyes to see us with, & approvals & solicitudes & deep sympathies;
 it was of us, & we were in its confidence, & lived in its grace & in the peace of its benediction. We never came home from an absence that
 its face did not light up & speak out its eloquent welcome--& we could not enter it unmoved." Samuel Clemens, letter to Joseph Twitchell

351 Farmington Avenue

picture courtesy of The Mark Twain House and Museam

"The main part of our house in Hartford is built, & the servants have moved in...It is going to be a delightful
house, & of good size--111 x 87 feet on the ground & 3 stories high...The house does not look large, but has a
modest aspect. It is on high ground, & in such a glorious breezy place, overlooking a small sloping bank, with a
small running brook at the base."
letter to Francis D. Finlay, 4.23.1874, Elmira, NY, as quoted in Mark Twain's
Letters, Vol. 6

"You may look at the house or the grounds from any point of view, you choose, & they are simply exquisite. It
is a quiet, murmurous, enchanting poem done in the solid elements of nature. The house & the barn do not seem
to have been set up on the grassy slopes & levels by laws & plans & specifications--it seems as if they grew up out
of the ground & were part & parcel of nature's handiwork. The harmony of size, shape, color--everything--is
harmonious. It is a home--& the word never had so much meaning before."
letter to Olivia L. Clemens, 7.3.1874,
Hartford, CT, as quoted in Mark Twain's Letters, Vol. 6


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